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Virtual Autopsy using Multidetector CT

In a Study Virtual Autopsy: Preliminary Experience in High-Velocity Gunshot Wound Victims By Angela D. Levy et al published in Radiology 2006;240:522-528
"Authors retrospectively assessed virtual autopsy performed with multidetector computed tomography (CT) for the forensic evaluation of gunshot wound victims. Thirteen consecutive male gunshot wound victims (mean age, 27 years) were scanned with 16-section multidetector CT prior to routine autopsy. Retrospectively, the total-body nonenhanced scans were interpreted at a three-dimensional workstation by radiologists blinded to autopsy findings. Images were evaluated for lethal wound, number and location of wound tracks, injured structures, and metal fragment location. After image review, autopsy reports and photographs were compared with the images and interpretations to validate the multidetector CT determinations.Multidetector CT aided in correct identification of all lethal wounds, and metallic fragment location was always precise. In four cases, multidetector CT aided in accurate assessment of organ injuries and lethal wounds but led to underestimation of the number of wounds if comingling paths occurred. Multidetector CT can aid prediction of lethal wounds and location of metallic fragments."
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