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How To Interpret a CXR-Good Article

Very Interesting Full article here- Looking at the chest radiograph, From London South Bank University

It goes on like-

"The good radiologist has been trained to seek those features that normally lie outside of the awareness of regular folk in the real world. Originally the human visual system was evolved to enable us to make very fast assessments and then to get out of the way of danger that was seeking us. The processing involves compromises that are not always appropriate to Radiological assessment. Most approaches to the teaching of radiographic interpretation involve a combination of systematic analysis and looking for remembered patterns. The good Radiologist has to be consistent and training involves at least one imposed scheme. It may be boring to go through a list each time but initial ennui saves money in later indemnity charges.

For each radiographic projection, the beginner is advised to have a list of features that they will deliberately observe. Repetition will convert this to an automatic response, rather similar to the concert pianist who does not have to be deliberately aware of fingering, but can concentrate on musical interpretation. " Full Article here

How To Interpret a CXR-Good Article Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing site... i'm an intern. i wish i had found this earlier. better late than never... once again.. good work.. keep it up.

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