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How many Teleradiology centers are there in India actually?

Here is a pointer to an excellent and eye opening post here Radiology outsourcing is mainly a myth and with comments from Dr Bhavin Jankharia summary of which goes like-
"According to Dr Bhavin-
That there is only one company in India that provides outsourcing radiology services to the US
The other truths are-
Companies within the US with branches in Switzerland, Hawaii and Australia do much more outsourcing
That there has to be a significant, usually family-based reason for someone to give up a 350K USD job to come back to India to do teleradiology
That there are some who run sweat-shops and pay 10-20USD for CT scan and MRI reports, but that's really illegal from the US perspective, though not from the Indian perspective - but these are few and far between as well"
This means although there is much hype about Radiology outsourcing to India truth is just a small fraction of the hype with American Board Certification being a must to report studies of a US patient. Till the time Radiology Outsourcing seems to be more of a Hype than actual promise.
How many Teleradiology centers are there in India actually? Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Sunday, May 14, 2006 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

If that is the case, I wonder why Dr Jhankaria himself is getting interested in this teleradiology 'Sweat Shop" business????

Anonymous said...

yup... then why are you so much interested Dr.(Mr.)Jhankaria...

Anonymous said...

Politics !

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