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Things that should be taught to medical students

"Medical students need to be taught, to help them become better doctors.
1. How to talk to patients
2. How to run a business
3. How to network with colleagues
4. How to manage money ( including learning how to speculate).
These are "real-life" skills - all of which can be taught. Most doctors learn them "on the job" - but some never do !"

Excellent thought this, other day i was reading in a Indian Newspaper an episode of a patient's relative and a Resident Doctor getting involved in a fight. Something i believe would never happen if only Residents were taught how to take with patients. Then i have seen Doctors learn how to manage money by "hit and trial", when everybody else was learning about commerce we doctors were being taught Molecular structure of DNA which i being a Diagnostic Radiologist dont remember a bit about...
I really wish that people with vision for the future should be a part of the team that makes the Med school Curriculum...

Full article here-By Dr Malpani
Why don't they teach doctors useful stuff ?
Things that should be taught to medical students Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Rating: 5

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