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Radiology-Job Hazards

Life as a Radiologist although lucrative and may be has easier life style than the clinical counterparts, Radiologists have to deal with pressure of being correct everytime...
An interesting post here-
"If, seven years later, someone says “What did you say during that phone call?” and accuses you of misjudgement, you will likely say, “It was too long ago to remember, but I am sure I never have said anything like that”.Maybe you did, maybe you did not. We shall never know.If you work in hospital medicine as either a Consultant Radiologist or a Consultant Hispto-pathologist you make a hundred decisions a day. And each and every decision is recorded and stored away for ever. Five hundred decisions a week or more. Twenty five thousand decisions a year. That is probably a million decisions in a working life time.Make a one in a million mistake and some one may die. Make a one in thousand mistake and, over your career, a thousand people may die. Ask yourself, could you live to that standard? Could you honestly say that for every thousand decisions you make at work, not even one is wrong? And if you did have to live to that standard, how much pressure would it put you under."
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Anonymous said...

completely agree.
thank god,we medical people at work are not recorded all the time- a pediatrician

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