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Sumer's Radiology Site wins The Best Clinical Weblog Award

Thanks to all the readers and supporters, Sumer's Radiology site wins the Best Clinical Weblog-2005 award!!
This is what the editors had to say about the site-
The winner of Best Clinical Weblog is...
"Sumer's Radiology Site. Anyone could plainly see how this guy would win the Clinical category. Sumer's writing probes the murky aspects of radiology, illuminating the most obscure facets of this often impenetrable field. We're sure he's glowing from all the praise you've bestowed on him. Congratulations!"
Sumer's Radiology Site wins The Best Clinical Weblog Award Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Sumer from all of us here........ "...illuminating the most obscure facets..."very well said abt ur work.

Sumer Sethi said...

thanks a lot and all the very best to you all..

Anonymous said...

Much congratulations and thanks for the site Doctor.

Anonymous said...

heartiest congrats urelly desrve it

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dr Sumer... I am a bit late though.... But you surely deserved this honour... All the best for future!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for the kind inspires me to work harder on this site

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