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From My Column on The Medical Blog Network-Patient Information about MRI

Following is an article from my column Medical Imaging from The Medical Blog Network.

This Article is about what should a person expect in MRI examination.

Initially all the formalities and paper work is checked. Jewelry, watches, coins, keys, cell phones and credit cards are incompatible with the magnetic resonance imaging procedure. These objects can be attracted by the magnet on the imager or distort the images. Certain articles of clothing, such as metal zippers, wires, and belt buckles, are also incompatible with the imaging. Some contradictions to MRI are-cardiac pacemaker, cochlear implants, metal filings, shrapnel, or ferromagnetic clips or pins in the body. MR scanner is long tunnel like structure. Some claustrophobic individuals may get anxious in such a situation.Initially the MR technician puts an imaging coil around the part to be examined. Examination takes around 30-60minutes. The changing magnetic field gradients create a knocking sound which may be distressing to some where wearing of ear plugs is advised. The MR technician operates the imaging system from the control room. In addition there is a computer room and a reading room where a Radiologist with view-box reports the MR scans. In addition to a technician, and a Radiologist, there are some nursing personnel also to aid in basic nursing procedure.Finally MRI is interpreted by a Radiologist and the end result is used in addition to the clinical scenario by the referring physician for further management.

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