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A Radiologist's Brain- An amazing article

What is different about a radiologist's brain?
Haller S, Radue EW.
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Division of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Basel, CH-4031 Basel, Switzerland.
PURPOSE: To investigate neuronal activations during processing of radiologic and nonradiologic images by experienced radiologists and nonradiologist subjects by using event-related functional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Study was approved by local ethics committee, and informed consent was obtained. Radiologic and control images were presented to 12 experienced radiologists (mean age, 35.8 years +/- 3.6 [standard deviation]) and 12 nonradiologist subjects (mean age, 33.0 years +/- 6.9). Half of the images were artificially manipulated-that is, for example, a local shadow was introduced. Subjects had to indicate whether a visually presented image was original or manipulated, while neuronal activity was assessed by using event-related functional MR imaging. Analysis was performed on the basis of fixed-effects general linear models with correction for multiple comparisons (false discovery rate).
RESULTS: Radiologic images, when compared with control images, evoked stronger activations exclusively in the group of radiologists, notably in the bilateral middle and inferior temporal gyrus, bilateral medial and middle frontal gyrus, and left superior and inferior frontal gyrus (P < .001, corrected). Additionally, visual processing of control images (ie, nonradiologic images) differed significantly between experienced radiologists and nonradiologist subjects (P < .001, corrected).
Radiologists showed strongest activation in the left-dominant more posterior superior and inferior parietal lobule, while nonradiologist subjects showed strongest activation in the right-dominant more anterior superior and inferior parietal lobule and postcentral gyrus.
CONCLUSION: With radiologic experience, there is selective enhancement of brain activation with radiologic images, and the visual system is modified in general.
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