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IMAGING REFFERAL-A revolutionary concept for the radiologists in India


This is something that I have felt in my days as a diagnostic radiologist. Sometimes the physicians order imaging investigations just like they order an ECG or any other minor investigation. I have always believed that what a clinician should do instead of ordering an investigation he should write an imaging referral to a Radiologist who should then guide the patient accordingly. What investigation should be done should not be decided by the referring physician but by the Radiologist. That way the number of repeat X-rays done would reduce dramatically. Also this would enable the Radiologist to look at the patient as a whole not as a radiograph or a CT scan. That the patient is referred for Imaging to Radiologist, with the possible Differential Diagnoses that thereferring clinician wants to be considered, and the Radiologist decides which all imaging modalities and how should they be done.

In last some time Radiology has gradually but surely got to the peak of the medical branches opted by a medical graduate. In times to come if we the current radiologists promote this beautiful subject as an imaging specialty where patients are referred for imaging and you guide the patient to the diagnosis. Anyhow we radiologists are making the majority of diagnosis!!!!

In times to come we can have a “Diagnostic Referral” instead of “Imaging Referral” where cases would be referred to a Radiologist and a Pathologist for diagnosis by the physician.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome....
IMAGING REFFERAL-A revolutionary concept for the radiologists in India Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, August 11, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sumer , thats a very good option one would like to place before the treating physicans / drs . Both in hospitals and individual practice, this seemingly innocuos exercise is rarely done. the traating doc relies on his knowledge,attitude , mis understaing and perception and does not always lead to approriate deciosn making in terms of investigation to be ordered/ requested. More over in practice the doc does not want the radiologist/ pathologist to discuss musch with teh patient as it may leave soem unturned stones upturned.
patienst also only want what teh DOC has ORDERED

infact of the Rx dcos discussed on phone then best choice would be there for patents , but this also has a catch as Radiologsit adn pathologoist may ask for more investigations

sicne the patinet is to betreted and followed by teh terating doc its his / her responsisbility to get the appropriate investigatiosn carreid out, since he / she is answerable to patient
keep it up for good work ands with all teh bets wishes and success ahead
Dr. Anil varshney

Sumer Sethi said...

thank you sir for ur kind opinion!!

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