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Image Case-Gynecology Ultrasound

A longitudnal US image of a female who presented with urinary incontinence with a previous history of obstructed labor.

What is the diagnosis?

ANSWER- VESICOVAGINAL FISTULA (almost all got it correct)

Dear Nadeem drop me a mail at sumerdoc-AT-yahoo-DOT-com with your postal address to claim your prize.

Winner will get a free copy of the book "Review of Radiology" by Dr Sumer K Sethi, a small handbook of Radiology for medical students
Image Case-Gynecology Ultrasound Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, August 16, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Vessicovaginal fistula

Sumer Sethi said...

kindly give ur answers with ur name and email id if possible so that ur eligible for the prize! prize wud be announced after a week!!

Anonymous said...

vesicovaginal fistula.

Anonymous said...

think it's a vesicovaginal fistula based on the history.....i do not know head or tail about interpreting an ultrasound.

Sumer Sethi said...

i ll give u a hint fluid on USG appears black..

Anonymous said...

vesicourethral fistula

Anonymous said...

pressure necrosis of bladder base and urethra

Anonymous said...

ureterovaginal fistula

Anonymous said...

Dear sumer, can i give a second attempt...
Even i can't read the given usg, with the help of your history & hint...i think it is
Pelvic/Vulval henatoma:
exp:U said the patient gives h/o obstructed labour, then it would have been lead to an instrumental delivery(most probably),that can lead to rupture of paravaginal venous plexus (black fluid in USG).
Pelvic/Vulval hematoma a/w urinary incontinence.
so that is my answer !

Anonymous said...

Hi Sumer !
Just saw the quiz case of Vesico-vaginal fistula.
How do you explain a well filled u.bladder with presence of VVF ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forgot to mention my e-mail id, it is

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