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The Why behind "Warburg" Effect

Ever wondered why cancer cells undergo Warburg effect , aerobic glycolysis? The why behind it. This interesting paper explores this question. Learning about science unraveling these mysteries is always a pleasure. 

According to the article Aerobic glycolysis, or preferential fermentation of glucose-derived pyruvate to lactate despite available oxygen, is associated with proliferation across many organisms and conditions.

  •  PDH activation suppresses cell proliferation by reducing the NAD+/NADH ratio
  •  Insufficient ATP demand slows mitochondria NAD+ regeneration in proliferating cells
  •  Uncoupling mitochondrial respiration from ATP synthesis can increase proliferation 
  • Aerobic glycolysis reflects increased cell demand for NAD+ relative to ATP turnover
Reference : Increased demand for NAD+ relative to ATP drives aerobic glycolysis
Alba Luengo et al

Published:December 30, 2020 DOI:

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