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Sharing a poster presentation done in Medcon2019 by Harika B 1st year PG & DR.ANV Prasad, Associate Professor NRI Institute of Medical Sciences  

CT Findings: Severe ascites seen. Multiple small enhancing nodules seen in the parietal peritoneum, visceral peritoneum and omentum with predominant pelvic distribution. Heterogeneously enhancing lesion of 3x2.1x1.8cm seen in RIF. Appendix is not seen separately from the lesion. Final Impression of Peritoneal carcinomatosis (pseudomyxoma peritoni) - likely due to mucinous adeno Ca. appendix.

Peritoneal carcinomatosis(PC)  is the term given to malignant tumour seeding of the peritoneum with most common primaries being

1.     Ovarian (71%)
2.     Gastric (17%)
3.     Colorectal (10%) cancers.
-- Distribution of disease in PC is related to peritoneal fluid circulation along predetermined anatomical routes

The most common seeding sites include
Ø  Pouch of Douglas
Ø  Distal small-bowel mesentery near the ileocaecal junction,
Ø  Sigmoid mesocolon
Ø  Right paracolic gutter
Ø   Pouch of Morison
Ø  Right subdiaphragmatic area

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