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Parsonage-Turner syndrome: DAMS Unplugged

  • Parsonage-Turner syndrome  characterized by rapid onset of severe pain in the shoulder and arm. This acute phase may last for a few hours to a few weeks and is followed by wasting and weakness of the muscles (amyotrophy) in the affected areas.
  • The exact cause of PTS is unknown, but it is believed to be  caused by immune-mediated disorder
  •  Affected individuals may recover without treatment or experience recurrent episodes. 
  • The initial descriptions of this disorder in the medical literature date back to the late 1800s. In 1948, Drs. Parsonage and Turner were the first physicians to describe a large series of patients. They termed the disorder ‘amyotrophic neuralgia’. 

Presenting DAMS unplugged video discussing a case report of this syndrome.
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