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Achilles tendinopathy: MRI

Case details : Peritendinous fluid around the tendoachiles.  Thickeness of the tendoachilles appears normal. Suggestive of peritenditis.

Teaching Points :

  •  The Achilles tendon does not possess a synovial sheath. It is surrounded by a loose areolar tissue, called the paratenon.
  • Histologically, tendinopathy is characterized by an absence of inflammatory cells and a poor healing response, with non-inflammatory intratendinous collagen degeneration, fibre disorientation and thinning, hypercellularity, scattered vascular ingrowth, and increased interfibrillar glycosaminoglycans.
  • Paratendinopathy may occur alone or in combination with degeneration of the tendon body. Histologically, mucoid degeneration, fibrosis and vascular proliferation with a slight inflammatory infiltrate have been reported. Clinically, oedema and hyperaemia of the paratenon are seen
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