Sundar Pichai has been named CEO of Google by the company’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. And the debate ensues on why talented people from India go abroad. Same question, I have heard many times as a Doctor, why young doctors go abroad? Why don’t they work in their own nation?

However, I would beg to differ

We need to think of the world today as a hyperlinked flat world, and it is governed by a fiercely competitive demand supply chain. National boundaries are now more of geopolitical interest, while, world of trade and Information technology is single hyper-connected unit, where resources, both material and human, are sourced from places of abundance and to places of need.

To retain talent, as a society in general, we have to look towards building a structure of meritocracy in the organizations, give the creative people the freedom to create their ideas and create a culture of intra-organizational entrepreneurship.

If as a nation we take care of the talented & creative people; give them the environment they strive for, half of our work in nation building is done.

Let’s stop arguing.

If we don’t give respect & place to people who deserve, someone else will.
Image courtesy: Wikipedia