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Best Teacher in Life- Failure

People often underestimate the value of occasional failure in life.  I think it is often the turning point in many success stories. Imagine, if you just could win all the time, would you ever know the value of winning, would you be able to put the same intense effort everytime without knowing the dejection you feel on failing. You can not just have it easy all the time and yet have the hunger, the desire and the fire to win. I sincerely believe you win some, you lose some. You get charged by winning but you get to know the true you when you lose.  That’s the life’s way of teaching you, you get to know where you went wrong and even more importantly you sometimes you get to explore new paths altogether.  It makes you humble, and enables  you to value sweet taste of success when it comes.  It is all about taking failure positively, learn from it, realize that even best people lose at times and make mistakes. It is not winning that makes someone great. It is learning from mistakes which creates the “magic”. Sometimes you just have to fail to succeed….
Best Teacher in Life- Failure Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, September 15, 2014 Rating: 5

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