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I Love Radiology Because______________

Please fill in the blank. I love being a Radiologist because____________________

Top Answers from our Facebook group:

  • DrVishal Kumat It's is the eye of medicine
  • Raghav Sawal People usually blame doctors if prognosis is poor even if rx is gud...but no one can blame a radiologist if diagnosis is correct...
  • Sumer Sethi Radiologists make the diagnosis in vivo and pathologists make the diagnosis once the battle (surgery) is over...
  • Sumer Sethi Radiology is a cerebral branch...
  • Chetan Sarvakar Because a radiologist can see what others can't see........
  • Ravi Masand_ we provide answers for life
  • Melissa H. Kalej the needs for a radiologist doesnt mean that others cant see 
  • Malik Irshad i give hope to patient about good health. Show the path fr better treatment and save his time nd money from unnecesary inv. " and last but not least i can heal the pains by my simple semi invasive interventions
  • Nayab Durrani it is a highly competitive field nowadays 
  • Nikhil Makhija i love radiology bcoz taking history and doing clinical examination is just too mainstream... 
  • Drnitin Pare Bcoz radiologist can write " correlate clinically. ..."
  • Karunakaran M Kalathi Bcoz of immense satisfaction I get when unfolding the actual diagnosis myself with wonderful machines given the clinical history.
  • Kunj Shah Coz ur eyes see only wat ur brain knows and only the brains of radiologist know wats hidden in an image.
  • Karunakaran M Kalathi I liked medicine in ug days upto diagnostics. Therapeutics has varied results and varying acceptance. But diagnosis is standard despite the race , country. I enjoy problem solving
  • Abhay Avhad Branch given time to enjoy life.which hardly posssible with other branch.
  • Mallapragada Gopala Krishna Murthy I SIMPLY LOVE AND LIVE IT
  • Daniel Stanley Peter radiology is like a t20 match , other branches are like playing test matches.
  • Raishad Khan sachitra sachan.. you said it...but be careful, as radiologists are assessed by other DOCTORS, and rest of the doctors are assessed by PATIENTS..
  • Uday Makwane Doctors as well as patients interact actively and equally to discuss their doubts to their full satisfaction.Radiologists are involved extensively for management of clinical problems to every aspect of clinical critical situations. I feel proud of me to be a Radiologist
  • Williandry Bahrun Because it's not boring!
  • Sebu Tom  can examine n read scans too,,,no one else has this liberty,,,If interested we r the best clinicians too
  • Ajay Jangid radiology is the best department in medical........
  • Puneet Jalan its the best and i feel i am made for it!!

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Dr Tushar Gupta said...

Because we show the external world how how internal world looks actually..

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