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Mucinous Cystadenoma-MRI Teaching Points.

35 yr old patient with USG suggesting ovarian cyst (with no definite symptoms), shows on MRI large (approximate 7 cm), well defined , regular , thin walled (less than3 mm) , septated, with different loculi showing different signal intensities with free fluid in  pelvis suggests cystadenoma ( mucinous variety) with papillary projections suggesting borderline or malignant potential consideration

Teaching Points By Dr MGK Murthy & Dr Sumer Sethi 

1) Ovarian cystadenomas account for nearly 50 % of the benign ovarian tumors in reproductive age. Commonest in 4th and 5th decades. 20% bilateral.
2) Mucinous cystadenomas account for 25 % of all benign ovarian neoplasms (only 2 % bilateral). Well  circumscribed, thin walled (less than 3 mm), filled with sticky gelatinous material with “stained glass” appearance, with septae, with each loculus displaying different signal intensities. Present usually with mean size of 10 cms. Rupture can lead to pseudomyxoma peritoneii.
3) Papillary projections are uncommon, however, are pointers towards borderline or malignant transformation.

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