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Medullary nephrocalcinosis: Ultrasound

Medullary nephrocalcinosis : There are increased triangular shaped echogenicities in both kidneys in the distribution of the renal pyramids. There is no associated acoustic shadowing. The first diagnosis was established by prenatal ultrasound.   This condition varies from a subtle distribution of the calcifications to a florid deposition of calcium throughout the pyramids. With minimal calcifications, there is no shadowing. Ultrasound is more sensitive than x-ray or CT in detecting the faint calcifications. Case submitted by- Dr Nikos Vougioukli

Also note:
Medullary variety is much more common than cortical (95% to 5%).
Nephrocalcinosis is caused by hyperparathyroidism 40%; renal tubular acidosis (distal variety, type l)  20%, medullary sponge kidney  20 % 

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