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Lesser Toe Fracture-Plain Xray

A Young adult with injury to toe

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy.

&Fracture of middle phalanx proximal portion is  appreciated  only on oblique view and this view is mandatory for toes
&Fracture is of avulsion variety
&Two types  of fracture that occur at proximal portion of middle phalanges of lesser toes –one is spiral and other is avulsion
&Flexor and extensor tendons are attached here and joint hyperextension leads to this type of fracture
&Proximal portion of proximal phalanges  give attachment to Interossei, Abductors and  Adductors
&Stress fractures occur at medial base of proximal phalanges in athletes and are identified only on review radiographs after 2 weeks
&Lesser toes fractures are 4 times more common than great toe
&One must always look for multiple phalanges injury as it is common 
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