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Impact of entrepreneurship on Radiologists- Positive or Negative?

Calling this era in India, an age of entrepreneurship will not be an overstatement.  This is common knowledge that government healthcare system in India is in a mess and  middle class or above do not look at government facilities for  diagnostic imaging services. Private sector rules and hence more and more young business minded physicians look at this as opportunity. This leads to emergence of some pluses and minuses in radiology service delivery.

  1.    Emergence of Teleradiology Model. Reporting for Indian centres as well abroad has become vogue. PLUS   
  2. Doctor becoming the owner rather than investors. PLUS
  3.  Arms Race amongst centres. As soon as once centre gets 1.5 tesla, another wants 3 Tesla. There is race for number of slices and newers hardware.  PLUS/MINUS
  4.    Dealer or Physician. Incentive based and commission based practise.  MINUS
  5.   Overuse of diagnostic imaging even when not required. MINUS
  6. Misuse of healthcare insurance and government healthcare covers. Long term effect on taxpayers money only.  MINUS
  7.  Medical students paying huge premium in private colleges for Radiology degree. MINUS

Entrepreneurship in Radiology can be huge source of  revenue and development in future in India but requires strong ethical and moral checks along with legislations on who should own a diagnostic centre, possible use of softwares to validate use of certain investigation for certain disease etc.  Your thoughts and comments are welcome. 
Impact of entrepreneurship on Radiologists- Positive or Negative? Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Rating: 5

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