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Transient bone marrow oedema of the hip-MRI

Transient bone marrow oedema of the hip also referred as transient osteoporosis of the hip is self-limited conditions that improves spontaneously over several months.  TOH was first described in 1959 in two women in their 3rd trimesters of pregnancy but now is more commonly seen in middle-aged men. This is 34 yr old female, immediate post partum, note the bulky uterus and marrow edema involving the right femoral head and neck, along with increased synovial fluid.

Transient bone marrow oedema of the hip-MRI Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Rating: 5

1 comment:

MGK Murthy said...

ya, it is new discovey and all news, suffers from when the recovery is good without sp treatment , diag is tenable ..
but another radiological help would be demonstration of osteoporosis of the region on Xray at the time of MR finding or atleast 2 weeks later
Absence of 2 weeks later osteoporois practically rules out TOH(ofcourse it applies to all regions )

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