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Road versus destination.This possibly happens to all of us sometime or the other. I always cross DND to reach my hospital from home and am usually late, never really noticed the beautiful river below and what all you could see while on the road and my main concern was to avoid getting late and honking. Today with the common wealth causing this crazy jam at the ashram crossing, realised that there is nothing i could do about it and started to see around and saw the our river yamuna with these rains is actually looking amazingly beautiful and that you can see the lotus temple at the distance from the middle of the road and huge building of barakambha at the distance.  May be this is true for our residencies as well, most of us while doing our post graduation are more concerned about the destination, that we fail to enjoy the time we have at that time to learn without actually thinking of the returns and ways to increase business. Residency is one of the best times of our education as although there are pressures of exam, on call duties and struggle to understand more and more things which apparently appear simple to the seniors around, still we are at the peak of our knowledge quest and skill acquistion.

Radiology Residency Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Friday, September 24, 2010 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

well said sir

though i m replying very late, but this is the post we all can relate to! Infact the best part of residency is skill acquisition on a daily basis without thinking about pros and cons!! though at times it becomes depressing too when you are not treated like a student and work day and night like an exploited employee!! Still lets cheer for our residency cause thats the last time to enjoy our fully occupied libraries, nescafe nearby,gossips about our professors and roaming couples in the campus!!

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