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Internet Journal Of Radiology- Current Issue

Here is the table of contents for current issue of Internet Journal of Radiology
Original Articles
Problems Of Diseases Manifested By X-ray Local Opacity Syndrome, And Differential Diagnostic Algorithm For Its Solution - L. B. Naumov
Standards of angiography & percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and their application to current practice - N. Khandanpour, S. Girling, P. A. Wilson, F. J. Meyer, M. P. Armon & J. F. Cockburn
Normal variants of the middle glenohumeral ligament in MR imaging of the shoulder - P. Chatterjee & J. Sureka
Normal variants of the bicipitolabral complex in MRI of the shoulder - P. Chatterjee & J. Sureka
Case Reports
Symptomatic epidural gas accumulation originating from vacuum phenomenon in the intervertebral disc: CT imaging findings - B. Battal, U. Bozlar, H. T. Sanal, M. Saglam, N. Bulakbasi & B. Ustunsoz
Dysphagia Lusoria - A. K. Singh, B. Baruah, U. Garga & R. Tiwari
A Rare Case Of Dermoid Cyst Originating From The Submandibular Gland - C. Akgul Ozmen, H. Nazaroglu, M. Yildirim, H. Akay, A. Bayrak & S. Şentürk
Subacute Combined Degeneration Of The Cord - G. Chand & V. Maller
Double Testicular Epidermoid Cysts in a young adult: A case Report - M. Baj
Krukenberg Tumor from Gastric Adenocarcinoma: CT findings - T. Bartalena, M. F. Rinaldi, C. Alboni, G. Giannelli, C. Leoni & G. Rinaldi
Subacute Combined Degeneration Of The Cord: Lateral Column Involvement Seen On Mri –An Uncommon Finding - L. Malhotra, S. Sethi, J. Shankar & T. Mehta
Lipoma of the Quadrigeminal Plate Cistern - M. Senoglu & I. Altun
Radiology in 2101: Future of a Radiologist or Radiology Practice - S. K. Sethi
Images in Radiology
Radiology Quiz - Breast - M. Baj
Fahr disease - V. Wadhwa & A. Patel
Pulmonary metastasis in Chorio-carcinoma: “Before and After Chemotherapy” - S. Singla, S. Kumar, K. Roy, J. Sharma & N. Singh
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