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Discoid Lateral Meniscus-MRI

Discoid lateral menisci is a common problem. The normal configuration of a meniscus is that of a matured crescent moon, whereas that of a discoid meniscus generally is a thickened, very early crescent moon. Children with discoid meniscus usually present with a snapping knee joint, this snapping increases the chance of tearing the lateral meniscus as seen in this case. MRI is the modality of choice to evaluate a discoid meniscus before surgery.

Teaching Points :

Discoid meniscus is fairley common in children on clinical examination to come with snapping sounds of the knees.Clinical examination shows a senstivity of 88 % v/s an MRI sensitivity of only 38 % in various series.

There are 3 varieties – complete, incomplete and wrisberg variant.

Normal lateral meniscus covers approximately 70 % of the tibial plateau as compared to 50 % in case of medial meniscus.

The most acurate Radiological criteria is  a ratio of minimal meniscal width to the maximal tibial width exceeding 20 %. The others include squaring of the lateral tibial border, presence of osteochondritis dessicans at times, widening of the lateral joint space on X-ray.

The relative MRI criteria include minimal meniscal width on coronal of more than 15 mm, ratio of sum of both lateral  horns to the meniscal diameter of more than 75 %, absence of menico-capsular attachment and coronary ligaments on MRI.Discoid meniscus by its biomechanics, is more susceptible for shearing forces leading to tears more often. Treatment varies from conservasion to complete meniscectomy

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Dr.Sumer K Sethi, MD
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