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Bone age estimation

We all are referred a few Xrays wrist every day to assess the skeletal age and we all invariably look for epiphyseal fusion and then calculate the bone age. Tanner Whitehouse is more accurate but slightly tedious method. Here is link to free online software which helps you calculate bone age using TW method.
Bone age estimation Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Saturday, April 28, 2007 Rating: 5


Dr. Eytan RAZ said...

there's a new neuroradiology blog out there...mine....

Peng Hui Lee said...

I've posted this in my blog, with another bit of bone age software.


Unknown said...

Sir kindly help us in stopping the age fudging in sports when overage players are not able to win medals but also stop the participation of actual age children because the original are not able to compete with theoverage players and leave the sports.pleasetell us where in delhi theTW3 TESTS ARE AVAILABLE AND HOW MUCH IT COSTS

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