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Web 2.0 and Medicine

Interesting article by Dean Giustini in BMJ
How Web 2.0 is changing medicine, BMJ 2006; 333: 1283-1284
[Full text]

"Few concepts in information technology create more confusion than Web 2.0. The truth is that Web 2.0 is a difficult term to define, even for web experts. Nebulous phrases like "the web as platform" and "architecture of participation" are often used to describe Web 2.0. Medical librarians suggest that rather than intrinsic benefits of the platform itself, it's the spirit of open sharing and collaboration that is paramount. The more we use, share, and exchange information on the web in a continual loop of analysis and refinement, the more open and creative the platform becomes; hence, the more useful it is in our work."
Read the response to the editor including mine-
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Sumer Kumar Sethi (28 December 2006)
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