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Holoprosencephaly And Patau Syndrome

"Holoprosencephaly is a group of disorders characterized by failure of diverticulation and cleavage of prosencephalon at the rostral end of primitive neural tube and hypoplasia or aplasia of premaxillary segment of face. Incidence of holoprosencephaly is 6-12 /1000 live birth and 40/1000 in embryos with recurrence rate of 6% for non chromosomal form and 13% for autosomal dominant form. It is most frequently seen in trisomy 13 &18 and can be caused by teratogen as in infant of diabetic mother."
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Trisomy 13 Life with Natalia ~ Transformed by Love said...

Patau Syndrome Survivors and those who were carried to term.
Living with Trisomy 13 - Patau syndrome

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