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Future of Double Contrast Barium Enema in Question

In a Study by Ferrucci JT, Double-contrast barium enema: use in practice and implications for CT colonography in AJR Am J Roentgenol 2006 Jul;187(1):170-3

"This study examines the use and yield of double-contrast barium enemas (DCBEs) for colorectal polyp detection in current clinical practice outside the research setting. A total of 244 out of 665 (36.7%) barium enema studies were performed using the double-contrast technique over the 4-year period-that is, approximately one per week. The most common indication for a DCBE (109/244 or 44.6%) was to complete a failed, incomplete, or inconclusive colonoscopy.Overall, only 14 of the 244 (5.7%) studies gave positive reports for polyps, and of these, five were shown to be false-positive at later colonoscopy. Only six polyps 10 mm or larger were positively detected during the entire study, which is approximately one per 60 studies or one every 8 months
Authors concluded that in their centre a DCBE is a low-yield procedure for detecting polyps, with a high false-positive rate, and is not likely to be performed by experienced practitioners in the future."
Future of Double Contrast Barium Enema in Question Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, July 03, 2006 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

barium enemas are so old school

get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Interesting study with thought-provoking statistics!
I thought the diagnostic yield of DCBE would have been better than what is claimed in the study!
If you have access to the full text of the article, I would like to know if the authors included only those barium enemas which were done for detection of polyps in their retrospective review. Otherwise a selection bias might have skewed the result.
I was looking forward to read about the implications for CT colonography. Sadly, the authors have not included their opinions in the conclusions in the abstract.
Dr Sumer, do you have the full text of the article? If yes, what do the authors think of the possible increase in radiation dose for CT colonography?

Sumer Sethi said...

i totally agree to you Radiation would definitely be a valid concern for CT colonography.. but i dont ve an access to the full text.. ll try to get it from library though in some time..
Sumer Sethi

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