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Sleep Deprivation leads to Medical Errors by Doctors

Effect of reducing interns' work hours on serious medical errors in intensive care units.By Landrigan CP et al in N Engl J Med 2004 Oct 28;351(18):1838-48.
"Although sleep deprivation has been shown to impair neurobehavioral performance, few studies have measured its effects on medical errors. Authors conducted a prospective, randomized study comparing the rates of serious medical errors made by interns while they were working according to a traditional schedule with extended (24 hours or more) work shifts every other shift (an "every third night" call schedule) and while they were working according to an intervention schedule that eliminated extended work shifts and reduced the number of hours worked per week. Interns made substantially more serious medical errors when they worked frequent shifts of 24 hours or more than when they worked shorter shifts. Eliminating extended work shifts and reducing the number of hours interns work per week can reduce serious medical errors in the intensive care unit. "
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