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Radiology Residency-Trends over the years

Radiology Residents Rule! But What Happens Next?

Radiology has over years risen to the top most choice of the medical students choosing residency programmes. However, demands from a Radiologist have also increased over years, number of investigations done and expectations of a perfect diagnosis have also increased tremendously. Morever, the pay scalle difference between a university job versus a pvt practise career is too large and it is discouraging very bright students to take up university jobs as of now. I for myself would love to take a university job post my residency but the pay scale difference is very discouraging.

Since the 1970s, Radiology has been transformed from a helpful profession that may or may not have provided a definitive diagnosis, with no particular expectation of accuracy (at least from a legal standpoint), to the discipline it is today - ie, one that is expected to make the correct diagnosis with a 100% level of confidence.

Some extracts from an article in MEDSCAPE

"Radiology residents in the Unites States are:

  • Among the brightest of all medical students;
  • Hardworking and often overworked;
  • In considerable financial debt upon completion of residency;
  • Not trained in a culture that values research over revenue; and
  • Often facing a lower-paying university career vs a higher-paying private practice career.

Taking into consideration the key issues outlined above, is it any wonder that in Radiology we can start off with the brightest of medical students and, at the conclusion of residency, end up with individuals who are jaded from their training experience and whose primary motivation is making money and enjoying life?"

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