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Normal appendix on CT

CT appearance of the normal appendix in adults
Stefania Tamburrini, Arturo Brunetti, Michèle Brown, Claude B. Sirlin and Giovanna Casola

The appendix was visualized in 305/372 patients. Its location relative to the cecum was highly variable. The diameter range was 3–10 mm; in 42% of cases the diameter was greater than 6 mm. When the intraluminal content (185/305) was visualized, the diameter was slightly superior to the mean (p=0.0156). In 329 CT scans in which oral contrast material was given, the appendix was filled by contrast material in 74/329 patients. The appendix wall thickness was measurable in 22/305 patients (average 0.15 cm).
There is significant overlap between the normal and abnormal CT appearance of the appendix. Consequently the diagnosis of acute appendicitis should be based not only on the appearance of the appendix but also on the presence of secondary signs.

Keywords Computed tomography - Appendix - Appendicitis
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Normal appendix on CT Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Friday, November 18, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Thanks ! That is really useful.
So 6.0 mm is not the upper limit, as they say in USG.

Sumer Sethi said...

exactly just by looking at the diameter you cannot for sure say its appendicitis,clinical picture is very important..

Anonymous said...

moreover oral contrast is not useful

Anonymous said...

moreover oral contrast is not useful

Anonymous said...

man it did not help at all because i did not understand a single thing about what they were talking about. All i read was that it was really small and that is all that you could of said too, man!!

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