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An amazing article on Informatics in Radiology (infoRAD) in Radiographics

Informatics in Radiology (infoRAD)
HTML and Web Site Design for the Radiologist: A Primer
Anthony G. Ryan, FRCR, FFRRCSI, MSc, FRCSI, Luck J. Louis, FRCPC and William C. Yee, FRCPC
A Web site has enormous potential as a medium for the radiologist to store, present, and share information in the form of text, images, and video clips. With a modest amount of tutoring and effort, designing a site can be as painless as preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The site can then be used as a hub for the development of further offshoots (eg, Web-based tutorials, storage for a teaching library, publication of information about one’s practice, and information gathering from a wide variety of sources). By learning the basics of hypertext markup language (HTML), the reader will be able to produce a simple and effective Web page that permits display of text, images, and multimedia files. The process of constructing a Web page can be divided into five steps: (a) creating a basic template with formatted text, (b) adding color, (c) importing images and multimedia files, (d) creating hyperlinks, and (e) uploading one’s page to the Internet. This Web page may be used as the basis for a Web-based tutorial comprising text documents and image files already in one’s possession. Finally, there are many commercially available packages for Web page design that require no knowledge of HTML.
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An amazing article on Informatics in Radiology (infoRAD) in Radiographics Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, July 14, 2005 Rating: 5

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i would want to add role of blogging in medicine is also really coming up at lighting pace..

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