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Problem with our medical education system

One of the problems that we face as medical students is difficult working environment and autocratic seniors, the problem here is that the only method that we know of teaching medical students is this and this hinders the overall development of a medical student/resident.

Three unfortunate outcomes are:

Physicians who go into teaching turn around and use the same tactics that were modeled to them because those are the only tactics they know. This is self perpetuating.

Even worse, some physicians use these tactics with great gusto because for a moment, they have the opportunity to feel powerful superior to the student by humiliating him in front of his peers, staff and even patients.

Physicians complete their education trained to keep a low profile and go into self-protection mode when challenged. In my opinion, this is one of the root causes for the great shortage we have in the number of physicians willing to step up to the challenge of leading the change we so desperately need in healthcare.

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Sumer Sethi said...

read this too...


This is so true. This is exactly the same problem we have back here in the Philippines where "tradition rules". Just because our seniors were asked to do the same thing in medical school, we lower classes are made to endure the same stuff. really, there's no point. I wonder why lawyers are more close to/supportive of each other and MDs are not? Interesting point for further discussion.

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