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Gods of Earth and Sea.

And the old lady cries.
And the lonely children suffer.
Their mother's now alone.
Their fathers wont come home.

And the old lady cries.
And the old lady cries.

The gods were hungry.
And the gods weren't happy.
They had offered their jewellery
They had paid and prayed only.

But the stones know no mercy.
Their hunger must be appeased.
While the guilty run free.
The innocent are punished.

But the little girl asks.
Why were we punished?
What did we do wrong?
We would have followed

Had we been told

And the old lady cries.
Her son will not return.
Her faith will not rise
The stones, she will burn.

And the anger wont subside.
Like the waves killed her love.
Her revenge will come.
Her children she must save.
But her anger wont subside


Gods of Earth and Sea. Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Friday, December 31, 2004 Rating: 5

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